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Surface & Material Science

Products - UHV and Cryogenic Scanning Probe Microscopes

Unisoku, Japan

TII Group, Tokyo Instruments, Inc. and UNISOKU Co., Ltd., endeavor to contribute the cutting-edge science and technology fields. Unisoku strive to be the industry leader in the field of Nanotechnology Measurements and Spectroscopy-Analysis and Optical Nanoscience. UNISOKU joined TII Group in September 2010, which generated the synergistic effect and brought us a new growth phase.


  • Unisoku, Japan

    Unisoku, Japan is the world leader in UHV and Cryogenic Scanning Probe Microscopes. UNISOKU product range includes UHV LT (Cryo) SPM System with Super Conducting Magnet for various applications and Ambient 4-probe Surface Measurement System. Products have compact design and excellent vibration isolation, guaranteeing high stability / high resolution.

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