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Products - Sputtering Systems / Evaporation system

AJA International, Inc., USA

AJA manufactures ATC SERIES and ATC ORION SERIES magnetron sputtering systems; PVD / e-beam / thermal / sputter multi-technique physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems; A300-XP, A3CV, Stiletto and Nautilus magnetron sputtering sources; peripheral equipment for substrate heating, cooling, RF biasing and motion. Sputtering systems are configured primarily for R&D and pilot production with either UHV or HV construction. AJA International, Inc. also manufactures a wide range of magnetron sputtering sources for R&D and production applications ranging in target size from 1” to 40” and up to 12” ID cylindrical. Nautilus Series rotating magnetron sputtering sources are designed for production coating tools. AJA also offers sputtering targets, PVD materials, as well as RF / DC power supplies and switchboxes for sputter deposition.


  • AJA International, Inc., USA

    AJA International, Inc., USA (est. 1989) originally supplier of innovative thin film, vacuum and microwave products, in 1991it introduced the first commercial, Confocal Sputter tool with a rotating substrate and magnetron heads which could be tilted without breaking vacuum. Today it offers DC/RF Magnetron Sputtering Systems, PVD / Evaporation system, etc.

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