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Products - Maskless Photolithography System

Intelligent Micro Patterning LLC , USA

Intelligent Micro Patterning is where researchers go when they need unique, novel, and imaginative thin film solutions. Patented smart filter technology is the heart of microlithography product offerings.

Learn more about newest product, the SF-100 XPRESS. Built on the wildly successful SF-100 XTREME and previous microlithography systems, the SF-100 XPRESS offers a cost effective solution for patterning features as small as 1 micron. Customize the system for your specific needs, through the myriad of options for the system optics and substrate handlers.

  • Intelligent Micro Patterning LLC, USA

    Intelligent Micro Patterning LLC, USA is a leader in thin film solutions makes Maskless Lithography Systems using patented Smart filter technology offering all types of traditional and non-traditional micro devices, High Aspect Ratio Devices, Mesoscale Devices, and RF & Microwave Devices for Biotechnology, Microfluidics and Nanotechnology. Other product range is the Linear Coating Platform for spray or dip coating of optically sensitive materials on various substrates.

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