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Vacuum Atmospheres Co., USA

Vacuum Atmospheres Company, a division of WEMS, Inc., established in 1960, with over 8000 systems worldwide is committed to supplying the Scientific and Industrial communities with the highest quality and most technically advanced inert atmosphere products. 


  • Vacuum Atmospheres Co., USA

    Vacuum Atmospheres Co., USA, a leading glovebox manufacturer, has been supplying Inert Atmosphere Gloveboxes and inert gas purification systems worldwide since 1960 to the Scientific and Industrial communities. VAC offers a complete line of glove boxes, purifiers and custom-built systems for moisture free, oxygen free, particle free and laminar flow applications including, OLED, PLED, TFT, inert gas welding, nuclear, battery R&D / production, pharma, organometallic, inorganic, synthetic and electrochemical chemistry. Latest offering is - NEW, patented, closed loop circulation Solvent system.

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